Use our know-how

Our work does not end with the production and delivery of packaging materials. We at RB Plast provide competitive advantages for our customers and friends, using all our available resources that can be of help to you.

We have a team of experienced mechanics and electricians. We have visited many companies that at some point face damage or challenges with their packaging machines – tunnels for shrink film, stretch palletizers, hand gluers and more.

We have helped with many repairs, adjustments or modifications of the machines so that they work most efficiently in view of the environment, the temperature changes of the room or the season.

We not only sell foils and packaging. We help you in the whole subsequent packaging process until the moment when your product is ready for the market.

If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We will send technicians on site who will give an opinion and recommendation. All this completely freeof charge.

Contact us at +359 887 584 300 or for additional information and inquiry.