Situated in the premises of Rila Mountain, we wholeheartly work for making the transition to round economy and sustainability in Bulgaria faster. As a company that works with oil derivatives, it is our duty to be proactive in finding sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Vision 2030 – RB Plast Ltd. CO2 neutrality

Photovoltaic panels

In 2020 we installed the first photovoltaic panels at our roofs. They turn sun into clean energy for our manufacturing. Our goal is to cover 100% of our energy needs from our own photovoltaic systems and accumulator batteries by 2030.


New recycling machine

In 2020, together with the photovoltaic installation, we invested in a new recycling machine. It helps us recycle 100% of our manufacturing waste. The recycled material is going back in production for the purpose of recycled films, garbage bags and other applications.

This way, 100% of the LDPE raw materials that come to our factory is leaving it as a finished product.

We actively inform our customers about the possibilities to use recycled materials for their packaging.

Industrial compostable bags, EN13432 certified

RB Plast Ltd. is in the process of production testing and upcoming certification for biodegradable bags, which can be composted in industrial composters.

100% green energy

100% of our production is manufactured with energy from renewable sources through the purchase of Guarantees of Origin.

Future Goals

Replacing all passenger and load vehicles with electric vehicles until 2030.