As a company that works with petroleum products and derivatives, we are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment. We strive to reduce the negative effects of our business and increase the positive ones in order to follow sustainable practices. From 2018 We have taken the following actions so far:

Solar park with photovoltaic panels

In 2020, we installed solar panels on the roofs of the production facility. This allows us to produce the plastic packaging with 100% green energy. 

Polyethylene regranulation machine

We have invested in a new machine that allows us to recycle 100% of the produced waste inhouse. We use the obtained regranulate again in the production of recycled polyethylene films and garbage bags. This way, 100% of the LDPE raw materials that enter in our production come out as finished products.

Biodegradable bags according to EN13432 certification

We have the knowledge, experience and the necessary materials to produce biodegradable bags for industrial composters. The company is in the process of certification according to international standards.

Suggesting recycled packaging on the market

We consult and actively inform our clients about the possibilities for packaging with polyethylene produced from recycled materials.

Our future

We are actively following the trends and directions of development in the field of environment and beyond. Some of the goals set for 2030. are:

Expanding our solar park

We want 100% of our energy to be produced by our own photovoltaic plants.

Electric car auto park

Replacement of all our company buses with electric cars.

Increasing the offered types of compostable polyethylene items

At least 70% of our product range should be made of compostable material.