Design and flexoprint of branded bags

Advertising polyethylene packaging requires much more than just being printed. It should reflect your brand and be consistent with your marketing strategies.

We offer flexographic printing up to 6 colors on different types of polyethylene packaging. Our team of graphic designers and marketing specialists will assist you and your business in creating an attractive design, and our experienced flexo-operators will turn the idea into a reality. In addition, our photographer will be available to capture your product in the branded packaging and will provide you with photos and videos that you can use to promote your business in the digital and real world.

The process of flexoprinting is the following:

Step 1

Choose your packaging

Check out our product page for more information on the different packaging we offer.

If you are ordering your advertising packaging for the first time and you are not sure what the exact type of your product is, contact us and we will advise you on the optimal solution according to your requirements and needs.

If you know the exact dimensions of the packages and their requirements, mention them when contacting us.

Step 2

Send us your ideas

Check out our Instagram and Facebook page for ideas and visions of different designs.

If you do not have a specific vision, you can send us your logo with guidelines for the desired effect, as well as information about your positioning in the market and your target groups of customers.

If you have ideas for packaging design, send them to us.

Step 3

We will prepare few designs

Our graphic designers and marketing specialists will make two to three proposals based on the information provided about your product and market, and will send them in 3D visualization for approval and feedback.

Step 4

We will order the printing plates (cliches)

The cliche is a silicone pinting plate that is used to transfer the color on the packaging.

If you are ordering your advertising packaging for the first time and you still do not have a design cliché, we offer its production as an additional service to facilitate the process.

If you already have a cliché from another manufacturer of polyethylene packaging, you could ask for it and provide it to us.

Step 5

We will produce the packaging

Once we receive the cliché, we start the flexographic printing process and produce your branded packaging according to the assignment and approved design.

Production takes up to 14 working days.

Step 6

We will deliver your printed packaging

Once we have produced the packaging, we will contact you to arrange delivery.

We offer free transport on the territory of Sofia and part of Blagoevgrad region. We send the goods by courier at the expense of the recipient for the rest of the country. 

Choose the type of packaging, size and color that is best for your product and business. We offer a wide range of bags. More details about the different varieties of packaging you can find at our product page.

If you are just starting your business, our experienced team will consult you which type of packaging is best suited for your industry.

If you do not have a specific idea of what design you really want, just send us your logo and we’ll take it from there.

Already have branding ideas? Wonderful! Send us your completed job.

Nobody knows your business better than yourself. Any information you can give us about your target market, how you want to position it and what you want to communicate with your packaging is invaluable. We will also take a look at your website to get a sense of your business and turn it into a design that you will like.

With attention to detail and creativity, we draw the design in a way that catches the eye and gives the best results from the flexographic printing technology used.

You review the text and information and give us feedback. If you want changes to be made, you specify them and send them to us. We make the necessary adjustments until we get the perfect result.

Once you approve the design, we will finalize the details and calculate the final costs. We order the rubber cliches for the printing machine and store them with us, but they remain your ownership .

We start the flexo printing and manufacturing of your bags, just as designed. The custom made bags are our most in-demand product. The printing machines are working 24/7/365. Your order will be ready in 7 working days.

We deliver with own transport in Sofia and Blagoevgrad municipalities. Your bags are packaged safely and will arrive straight to your warehouse.

For nationwide delivery, we are sending the goods by courier on behalf of the client. You can calculate delivery costs here – Transpress fare calculator.

Bonus service - professional photos for your product

We have our own photo studio. We will take professional photos of your product in its new packaging. Once you receive the photos, you can use them to promote it on your website, Facebook page or brochures. We are pleased to help you establish your products on the market.

If you have additional questions, contact us at +359 887 584 300 or We will be happy to help!