Shrink film

Shrink film

The heat-shrinkable film characterizes with a medium to high degree of shrinkage and excellent strength. It is used for packing goods, such as bottles, jars and cans, in stacks for transportation and palletizing. It can be used with high-speed automatic stacking machines type “oven” or manual heaters type “dryer”.


Shrink foil is one of our main products. We keep the following types in stock in our warehouses:


  • Roll 36 cm / 80 mic
  • Roll 40 cm / 70 mic
  • Roll 42 cm / 70 mic
  • Roll 45 cm / 50 mic
  • Roll 50 cm / 70 mic and 80 mic
  • Roll 55 cm / 80 mic


In addition to the standard types, we can produce heat-shrinkable film according to your needs and requirements on request. The minimum order quantity is 30 kg and the production time is 14 working days.


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