Packaging tape

Packaging tape

There are two main types of duct tape according to their base – natural rubber (solvent) and artificial rubber (hotmelt).


Hotmelt tape based on artificial rubber is mainly used for gluing paper and cardboard. Withstands the transport of light to medium weight boxes and cartons. It is recommended for use all year round except in the winter months, but glued at room temperature, it retains its properties when frozen. It can be applied manually or with the help of a machine.


Solvent adhesive tape based on natural rubber is superior to synthetic adhesive tape in terms of bonding strength, low temperature performance and bonding on difficult surfaces. It is used for gluing cartons with heavier loads at lower temperatures.


We keep the following types of tape in stock:


  • Tape (hotmelt base) – Bulgarian – 48mm / 66m – transparent and brown
  • Tape (solvent base) – Italian – 44mm / 60m – transparent


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