Manual stretch film rolls

Manual Stretch

The stretch is a multilayer cast foil produced by co-extrusion. It is used for palletizing and easier transportation of products.


The manual stretch is a roll with small amount of foil, which is convenient for wrapping goods by hand. We have roll-rolling machines that allow the production of rolls for manual stretch according to customer specifications.


We produce and maintain in stock the following sizes and thicknesses of hand stretch film in our warehouses:


  • Roll 1.3kg – 23mic
  • Roll 1.6kg – 23mic
  • Roll 2.0 kg – 17mic and 23mic
  • Roll 3.0kg – 23mic
  • Small roll 100m – 23mic


In addition to the standard sizes, we produce hand stretch rollers according to your needs and requirements. Use the calculator below to calculate the required amount of stretch and to compare it with the stretch from another manufacturer.


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* the quantity of the rolls is gross and includes 200 g. core