How to calculate how much plastic wrap you need for your greenhouse?


You’re about to build a greenhouse for the first time? Not sure how much polyethylene film you will need? Let’s help you buy the optimal amount of foil for agriculture.

1.Measure the dimensions A, B, C and D of your greenhouse as shown in the chart.

2.Determination of the foil size necessary for the roof and side walls.

The length of the side wall will be A. Width – С. We recommend adding 30 cm. advance to each amount. This will provide you with a little extra foil to use to securely pack your greenhouse. If you want to cover the greenhouse with 2 layers of foil, use 2 pieces of the same size.


3.Determination of the foil size required for the end sides

Measure dimensions B and D on the side sides of the greenhouse. Add again 30 cm. to the larger size. This is the necessary material for one side. We multiply by 2 and get the necessary material for both sides.


Greenhouse dimensions: A= 420 cm. B = 240 cm. C = 470 cm. D = 270 cm.

Dimensions of the foil for the top and side walls = (420 + 30) x (470 + 30) = 450 cm x 500 cm.

You will need a 450 cm long foil. and width 500 cm. (5 m))


Dimensions of the film for the end walls = (240 + 30) x (270+30) = 270 cm. x 300 cm.

You’re going to need 270 cm. (2.7 m)) of foil 300 cm wide. (3 m.) for one wall. The total material needed for both sides is a foil with a length of 5.4 m. and width 3 m.

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you.