Shrink film

heat shrinkable foil price

Shrink film is a single-layer or multi-layer LDPE film produced by extrusion.

It has a medium high degree of shrinkage and is extremely suitable for packing goods in a stack , most often bottles or small packages.

The ability of the thermal film to maintain its integrity without tearing, determines its use in high-speed automatic stacking machines with high productivity, while maintaining excellent strength of the package and tightness on the stack . When packing in smaller quantities, hand-held hair dryers are often used to shrink it.

Width [cm] Thickness [mick]
от до от до
10 190 25 150

Thermal foil is one of our main products. We keep the following sizes in stock at any time: TSF 360 / 0.08, TSF 400 / 0.07, TSF 420 / 0.07, TSF 450 / 0.05, TSF 500 / 0.06, TSF 500 / 0.07, TSF 500 / 0.08 and TSF 550 / 0.08.

We produce heat-shrinkable foil with sizes and thicknesses to order. Contact us in case you do not see your size.