Recycled polyethylene film

Recycled polyethylene film

Recycled regranulate film is gaining more and more popularity due to its environmental friendliness and focus on the transition to a circular economy.

As long as the applications allow, it is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly packaging option.

There are many varieties of secondary polyethylene on the market with different characteristics. There are different solutions depending on whether you are looking for transparency, puncture resistance or extensibility.

We cover the entire range of options except for the lowest quality secondary nylon produced from landfill waste.

Secondary natural foil

It is characterized by high transparency, excellent extensibility and strength. It has a subtle brownish tinge.

Secondary colored foil

An idea more opaque foil, but also with excellent stretch and strength. It is most often blue-green in color.

Secondary black foil

The cheapest option, which is mainly used for backing foil in construction.