Pellet bags

Pellet bags

Pellet bags can be made of primary or recycled LDPE material. Both types characterize with excellent strength and minimal slipperiness. Primary bags provide a better commercial look, while the recycled ones are more environmentally- and budget-friendly. Usually there are two to four holes for ventilation purposes in each bag.


The standard dimensions for pellet bags with 15 kg net weight are:


  • 45cm / 70cm / 85mic
  • 47cm / 70cm / 85mic


In addition to the mentioned size, we can produce the bags according to your needs and requirements on request. The minimum order quantity is 30 kg and the production time is 14 working days.


The bags for pallets can be branded for advertising purposes. We offer developing a branding and marketing strategy, developing the design and producing the packaging according to the client’s preferences. Check out the printing steps here.


In addition, we offer professional shooting of your products in the branded packaging. You can use the photos and videos for your digital (social networks) and traditional (brochures) marketing to promote your business and products.


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