Courier envelopes with lid and sticker

Courier envelopes with lid and sticker

Single-layer courier plastic envelopes for shipments for online stores. We make cellophane bags with a lid and permanent tape in different colors and sizes as an alternative to the boring impersonal gray plastic bags.

If you want more color in the delivery of your products or to target a certain audience with pink or another color, we will be happy to help.

Market research has shown us that the purchase of plastic bags from a manufacturer in most cases is a significantly cheaper option than using the envelopes offered in courier offices.

With the ability to print up to 4 colors, you can advertise plastic bags with a sticker of your brand, instead of that of the courier company.

The standard sizes for small, medium and large envelopes are 25 x 33 cm; 35 x 40 cm and 45 x 55 cm. Of course, we can produce envelopes entirely according to your specifications.