Courier envelopes and polymailers

Courier envelopes with lid and sticker

Courier envelopes are most often used to send items from online stores and fulfilment centers. Ordering them from a manufacturer is a significantly cheaper option than using the envelopes offered in courier offices. It also allows shipments to be prepared in advance, which saves time and efforts.   We produce single-layer envelopes in different colors. […]

Trash bags

Secondary sacks for waste containers

Trash bags are most often made of recycled LDPE material. They can be black, transparent or colored in different shades with mastabach. They are used for the collection of waste from construction sites, household waste on the streets and parks, as well as for the collection of autumn leaves. They are often used for cleaning […]

Branded plastic bags

Advertising bags with handles

Advertising bags are made of primary LDPE material with a reinforced handle and branded with the design and logo of the client. Most often they are white or colored according to the preferences of the customer.   We produce different types of advertising bags. The dimensions and thickness of the packages are in accordance with […]

Pallet hoods

Pallet covers

Pallet hoods are large bags that are placed on the palletized products to protect them when stored outdoors or transported. They are made of different materials depending on the season and whether they will be exposed to sub-zero or high temperatures.   We produce pallet hoods in accordance with the standard sizes for europallets and […]

Packaging for pellets

Sacks of pellets

Pellet bags can be made of primary or recycled LDPE material. Both types characterize with excellent strength and minimal slipperiness. Primary bags provide a better commercial look, while the recycled ones are more environmentally- and budget-friendly. Usually there are two to four holes for ventilation purposes in each bag.   The standard types for pellet […]

Bags and sacks for vegetables and fruits

Sacks for agriculture

The packaging for agricultural products is made of primary LDPE material. It is mainly used for harvesting and transporting fruits and vegetables along the chain. They are characterized by great transparency and strength. They usually have two or more holes for ventilation.   Polyethylene bags are one of our main products. The standard types for […]

Packaging for bread

Пликове за хляб

Bread bags can be made of LDPE, HDPE, BOPP or CPP material, according to the customer’s requirements. The different materials have different purposes related to the type of packaging, cost and maintaining the quality of the bread. They are usually made with two or more perforation holes to prevent condensation in the envelope.   Bread […]