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About us

Our passion is packaging. With industrial experience in the production of polyethylene products, gained over the past thirty years, we understand the need for customers and provide a personalized service that creates competitive protection. We help emerging and established producers to pack their products and reach the market successfully.

Our team

Our team consists of specialists at all operational levels:

  • Our sales representatives have the necessary experience to understand your needs and to offer the optimal solution in accordance with your product and packaging requirements.
  • Our graphic designers and marketing specialists will design the packaging and offer branding strategies for the success of your product.
  • Our machine operators will extrude the packaging with the specified characteristics, and the printers will make the prototype a reality.
  • Our drivers will deliver the goods to your company and hand over the packaging
  • Our mechanics and electrical engineers will be available to assist with the setup of your packaging machines and appliances.
  • Our photographer will capture your product in its new packaging and provide photos and videos for you to use for traditional and digital marketing.

What distinguishes us from other manufacturers of polyethylene items is the vertical integration of all processes required for the manufacture of polyethylene packaging, as well as the combination of activities from two different industries – chemistry and marketing. We strive to add value to each of our actions and thus build long-term partnerships and friendships with our customers.

Our story

The company has been on the market since 1994. It was established under the name Robifir Ltd. with two main units – production of polyethylene packaging and production of bicycles. In 2003 the two units were separated and each specialized in the field.

This way Robifirplast Ltd. appeared, which since then has been an entirely family company with 100% Bulgarian capital and ownership. Over the years, the company has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene films, bags and packaging in Southwestern Bulgaria.

In 2020, the company was rebranded in order to reflect the new goals and highlight the actions taken in relation to environmental protection. The logo and the corporate website have been updated, and the new name RB Plast Ltd. aims to establish a recognizable brand abroad. The team is the same and the quality of the products offered and the services provided has improved.


RB Plast Ltd. has extruders for single-layer polyethylene film up to 6 m and bag-cutting machines for cutting different sizes and types of plastic bags and packaging. In 2021 we have invested in a brand new polyethylene printing machine with up to 6 colors, while keeping the simpler machine with 4 colors working. In addition, we have our own machine for regranulation of polyethylene and a rewinding machine for stretch film.

Our factory is located in the town of Kocherinovo, just below Rila Mountain. The company has offices and warehouses in Sofia, Blagoevgrad and Sandanski, as well as its own transport and logistics for fast delivery to customers.

Our future

As a company that works with petroleum products and derivatives, we are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and society. For this reason, we have undertaken many practices to reduce the adverse effects on nature and increase the positives for the parties involved in our business chain. In this way, we strive to ensure sustainable development and contribute to the adoption of a circular economy.

We envisage actively following the trends and directions of development in the field of environment and beyond. Explore our goals and ecology here.